ID 1609 Egypt Sewing & Garment Construction for Sudanese refugees

This project offers Sudanese refugees micro enterprise skills, cultural transition support and a communal space for supportive relationships. The participants learn skills that are beneficial to themselves and to their families as they adjust to their dislocation. The tailoring techniques, such as sewing and garment construction, provide participants an opportunity to earn money through sales of clothing, clothing alterations and repairs.

Egypt Sewing Project

ID1702 Papua New Guinea Community Development Training

ARDF Australia currently sponsors 6 Anglican students to attend a Community Development training course in the Highlands of PNG at the Christian Leaders Training College. The course teaches project management, rice production, meat chicken production and business skills in the context of a Bible College. ARDFA Project Consultant, Conrad Parsons visited these students in June 2019 and confirmed the usefulness of this groundbreaking course.

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ID 1955 Uganda Clergy Support

ARDF Australia is partnering with the Anglican Diocese of Bendigo to support Ugandan Clergy families in the West Ankole diocese. The Clergy families are provided a goat as an ongoing source of income through milk production. Goats reproduce quickly so the  families can develop a bigger herd to provide further income. The extra income lifts the family out of poverty, assisting with food, housing, healthcare and school fees. This will improve the wellbeing of each member of the family and free the clergy to focus on strengthening and supporting their local communities.